How do I open a .audionote file?

.audionote files are created with the AudioNote app. To open them, download AudioNote for iOS, Mac, Windows or Android

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How do I transfer my AudioNote files from my iPad or iPhone to my Android device?

First, transfer the files from your iOS device to a computer. There are multiple methods of doing this, described in Step 2 here: /help/audionote/how-do-i-open-ipad-or-iphone-audionote-files-on-windows/ Next, plug your Android device into your computer with its USB cable. Transfer the files over USB from your computer to your Android device, copying them into the AudioNote folder.

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Do I need to purchase AudioNote separately on iOS, Mac, Windows and/or Android?

The various app stores process app purchases separately, so if you wanted to record on each device then yes, you would need to purchase for each platform separately. AudioNote is free to use, however, to view notes recorded elsewhere.

Can I transfer my AudioNote files from Android to my computer?

Yes, you can transfer your .audionote files via USB. They are located in the AudioNote folder.