Does AudioNote dictate or transcribe notes?

Does AudioNote dictate or transcribe notes?

Audionote is something different, and we think better.

Basically, you start recording and take notes as you normally would. Everything you type or write while you record has a time associated with it (for text, you can see the timecode in the left hand column). When you’re done recording tapping/clicking on any of the words or drawings will move the playback to the time when the note was typed or written.

The idea is to allow you to take condensed notes, and if you need more specific information later, you can use the brief notes to quickly reference the audio to get more details.

A dictation App would give you (often incomplete or incorrect) transcription of the event, but taking notes yourself allows you to better highlight the information that’s important, keeps you more engaged, and leaves you with far less extraneous information to review.