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iOS & Mac FAQ

How can I download my notes through iTunes on Windows?
Use iTunes File Sharing.  See the Note Sharing section of our User Guide.

NOTE: Make sure you have upgraded AudioNote to at least version 2.07.  iTunes updates 
introduced a bug which broke sharing from folders in previous versions.

If that doesn't help, you may want to try downloading over WI-FI:
  1. First connect your iPad/iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as your laptop/desktop.
  2. Then, in AudioNote go to the list of Notes and hit the WI-FI button
  3. That will bring up a screen with the IP address you can connect to with a web browser to download either the Audio or text of a note.
  4. When downloading Audio, it is recommended you right-click the Audio link and select "Save As" and open the .CAF files with Quicktime Player.

How can I view AudioNote files on Windows?
Download AudioNote for Windows.  You can transfer your notes through iTunes (see above).

Is it possible to retrieve a deleted note?
Notes are deleted immediately to free up space, but if you synced your iPad/iPhone before 
deleting the note, you may be able to retrieve it from a backup. There are several backup 
extraction programs available, like

How do I turn off Auto-Correct?
On the iPad/iPhone:

To turn off Autocorrect, go to the Settings App, then "General", then "Keyboard", and there 
will be switches to turn on/off auto-correct, spell checking, etc.

On the Mac:

Go to the "Language & Text" settings, select the "Text" tab, and there's a checkbox for 
"Correct Spelling automatically"

Does AudioNote dictate notes (does it do speech-to-text)?
Audionote is something different, and we think better. 

Basically, you start recording and take notes as you normally would. Everything you type or 
draw while you record has a time associated with it (for text, you can see the timecode in 
the left hand column). When you're done recording (on the iPhone/iPad, hit the "Playback" 
button in the upper right), tapping/clicking on any of the words or drawings will move the 
playback to the time when the note was typed or drawn.

The idea is to allow you to take condensed notes, and if you need more specific information 
later, you can use the brief notes to quickly reference the audio to get more details.

A dictation App would give you  (often incomplete or incorrect) text of the event, but 
taking notes yourself allows you to better highlight the information that's important, keeps
you more engaged, and leaves you with far less extraneous information to review.

I get a "Recording Failed" message when I try to record? What can i do?
This can happen when different Apps audio settings interfere with each other. Make sure you 
have the latest update - it does everything we can do to protect against this.

Here's how to get recording to work again:

1. The quickest way is to play back a note you recorded earlier, and sometimes recording 
   will work again.

2. If #1 doesn't work, quit and restart the App. To quit AudioNote, leave the app, then 
   double tap the home button. Touch and hold the AudioNote icon in the new row of apps that 
   appears at the bottom, then hit the red minus to quit it.

3. Last resort, restart the iPad: touch and hold the Lock button until the shutdown slider 
   appears, then once it shuts down, hold both the Lock and Home button to start it up again

We're working to find a way to prevent this entirely, but unfortunately it's a bug in the 
underlying OS that has been difficult to work around.

I tried to install AudioNote, but it doesn't show up on my iPad. What can I do?
This is a bug in the App Store, and you may want to contact Apple support directly:

Our software doesn't get involved until it's installed and running, but some users have been 
able to get AudioNote to show up by doing the following:
Try plugging in your iPad, click on it in the left hand column of iTunes, then click "Apps" 
at the top. There should be a list of all the Apps you have in iTunes and whether they're 
installed on the iPad. Try selecting/deselecting and syncing.

How do I move notes into a folder?
Go to the list of notes and hit the Edit button, then tap the notes you want to move, and 
finally hit the icon at the bottom that looks like a folder. That will bring you to a list of 
the folders, and tapping one will move the notes you selected to that folder.

How much audio can I record per note, and how much can I fit on my iPad/Mac?
The full version of AudioNote has unlimited recording for each note.  As long as you have free 
space you should be able to record.  Each GB of space is about 33 hours of recording. To check 
the free space on your iPad, go to the Settings App, tap General on the left, then About in the 
upper right. The free space is the "Available" number.

Why are the LITE and full versions of the app sometimes different?
Apple reviews and approves each app separately, so even though we submit both the LITE and full 
updates of AudioNote at the same time, their actual releases can be a few days apart.

How do I import a PDF?
There are two ways to import a PDF:

A. Upload through iTunes File Sharing:
  1. Plug your iPad/iPhone into your computer and start iTunes.
  2. In iTunes, click on your iPhone/iPad in the left hand column.
  3. Then click on the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom.
  4. AudioNote should show up under File Sharing, and clicking on it should give you a list of notes.
  5. Click "Add" and select the PDF you want to import
  6. The next time you open Audionote, a new note will be created with the PDF as a background
B. Import from another App (Mail and Safari are the easiest)
In Mail, just touch and hold a PDF attachment and a dialog will open allowing you to choose another App to open it with. If you select AudioNote from the list, it will open AudioNote and create a new note with the PDF as a background.
In Safari, if you view a PDF on a webpage, there shoule be an "Open With" button at the top, that will bring up the same dialog.

I forgot to stop recording, how do I trim the audio?
iPad: Tap the recording duration to bring up the audio trimming window.
iPhone: Press and hold the time/duration.
Mac: From the Menu: Audio->Trim Audio

How can I change the playback speed for the audio?
iOS: Press and hold the play button to bring up playback speed options.
Mac: From the Menu: Audio->Playback Speed

Note that imported audio may not support different speeds.

AudioNote won't record on iOS 7, what should I do?
Check the privacy settings to make sure AudioNote is allowed to record:

1. Open the Settings App
2. Select the Privacy section
3. Select Microphone
4. There should be a toggle switch for AudioNote.

Windows FAQ

How do I open iPad (or iPhone) AudioNote files on Windows?
There are three ways to do this:

Use Dropbox:
  1. Create and/or move notes on your iPad into your Dropbox folder.
  2. Install the Dropbox client on Windows (
  3. From AudioNote for Windows, use File->Dropbox->Open From Dropbox...

Share over WiFi from your iPad:
  1. Start WiFi sharing on your iPad
  2. Open your PC web browser to the indicated URL
  3. Click on the title link for your AudioNote file

Transfer your notes through iTunes:
  1. Use iTunes File Sharing to transfer notes to your PC (see instructions)
  2. In AudioNote for Windows, use Open Folder and Select the .audionote folder
TIP: This is the folder itself, not the files inside, as iOS and Mac AudioNote
files can appear as folders on Windows.

Do I need and/or where can I find my product key?
AudioNote for Windows is free to use as a viewer for .audionote files created elsewhere.  You will 
only need a product key if you wish to record on Windows (to purchase, go to Help->Upgrade).

How can I access my notes from iCloud?
Apple does not support sharing iCloud documents on Windows at this time.  
We recommend you use Dropbox or WiFi sharing instead.

How can I export my notes as a PDF?
You can use a 3rd-party PDF printer driver to print AudioNote files to PDF.  There are several
free options available.  We recommend Cute PDF:

I get the following error message “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor,” what should I do?
This error is typically due to a corrupted ClickOnce (a Microsoft installation technology) cache.
Try deleting it and reinstalling AudioNote:

To delete your ClickOnce cache (you may wish to make a backup copy first) delete the "\apps\2.0\" folder.
On Vista/7, that folder is under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\
On XP, try c:\Documents & Settings\User\LocalSettings\Apps\2.0\

Sometimes these folders will be hidden, but you can open them by entering the path in the Run window
(press Start (Windows Key) + R to open).

My mic and/or speakers are not working, how do I fix it?
AudioNote uses the default system mic and audio playback device.  Make sure that they are 
configured and working properly from the Control Panel.

Android FAQ

Can I export .audionote files to my computer?
Yes, via USB in the AudioNote folder.

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Free/Discount Spreadsheet

Start with the Spreadsheet User Guide.


How can i upload a spreadsheet to the app?
Through iTunes:
1. Export a CSV file from Excel. (this can be done from the Save As ... dialog).
2. Plug your iPad into your computer and open iTunes. 
3. Click on your iPad in the left side of iTunes.
4. Then click on the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom.
5. the spreadsheet should show up under File Sharing, and clicking on it should show you a list 
   of your saved files.
6. hit the Add button and select the CSV file you exported.
7. You should now be able open the spreadsheet on your iPad

From Email:
1. Send a CSV file to the email account you use on your iPad.
2. Touch and hold the CSV attachment until a list of options appears.
3. Select  'Open With Discount Spreadsheet'

How do I set the background color and text formatting for a cell?
You can set the formatting and color options for cells by selecting "Format Area" from the Edit 
menu (you may need to scroll down to see this option). Then, tap twice to select the group of 
cells you want to format, and select how you want to format the area.

How can I delete spreadsheets?
Go to the File menu and hit Open, then hit Edit at the top, and delete buttons will appear next 
to each file.

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